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they / them


welcome to my carrd, either you’ve read this section first or last, either way if you’re reading this you’ve come from my instagram account, @00braincells! if you come from anywhere else.. i don’t know how you got here. if you’re reading this before the index please know that you don’t have to waste your time, here’s a brief summary: i’m very annoying, don’t follow me if you’re an asshole, doubles are ok by me, i love my friends, alisha is amazing and lastly if you wanna be friends just request and hit me up i would love to meet new people.
if you have read everything before this... sorry you’ve wasted your time. let’s be friends!

one : introduction

hello!! my name is julie (you get to make only one juul and “hey julie!” joke) and you’re reading my carrd — if you know me by avery, you may call me that too! just letting you know now, there’s no password to this account or anything. i’m more or less going to accept any requests, as long as you’ve read page three and i see we share mutuals! (and if you look like you won’t wanna have my head on a platter or anything)

probably gonna add more to this one later but like whatever we’ll see

i remember, i remember when i lost my mind

two : about me

fifteen | scorpio (1511) | female (they/them) | homoflexible | intj | slytherin | vietnam & ireland

julie is someone who never fails to make anyone smile. they are always upbeat and positive and when theyre not they always want to try their best to make it seem that way. they are incredibly funny and know how to make people laugh and im so glad for having them in my life
cati (@miss.imai)

so i’m what the kids call a fucking loser but that doesn’t bother me cause my ego is so gigantic that if you try to destroy it, it inflates back up within an hour.

i can be pretty assertive and come off too strong sometimes, especially if i’m in a good mood, but please know that my intentions aren’t ill!! i’m just very stupid i really have zero braincells.. just let me know if i’m overwhelming or come off as extremely obnoxious! (or just being a headache)

other than that, i’m friendly for the most part! if i’m beginning to act rude & mean it probably means i’m actually comfortable with you and can tease you about things, you know like any other normal person.. like i mentioned above, let me know if i say something hurtful! sometimes i’m just not great

i don’t have a lot to say about myself.. i’m just really annoying but i’m generally an okay person, you’re going to have to take my word (and cati’s) for it, deep down i am just a dumbass clown. (i love myself even with my clownery)

i really like nejire hadō and money. those are my true loves, and they are the one and only thing that you can bribe me with

(i might also add to this too??? oh well)

there was something so pleasant about that place

three : disclaimers

disclaimers :
— do not bring up anything about environmental or economic issues around me i will start talking and never shut up
— sometimes i can be insensitive. please give me a good mouthful if i ever step out of line!
— i flirt with everyone. yes, even people who are not attracted to females / in relationships (if it makes you uncomfortable please let me know!)
— i’m rather uneducated when it comes to trans culture (?) so i know nothing about terfs/truscums but i’d love to be informed!
— i don’t have any triggers don’t worry!

ask to follow me if :
— you know me from quotev
— you are extremely religious
— you always get involved in drama
— you are against kinning
— you strongly hate any of my interests
— you are a caregiver / little (i understand that this is not always taken into a sexual environment and that it can be safe and helpful, but it does make me uncomfortable)

do not follow me if :
— you know me irl
— you are discriminatory towards other people (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)
— you are a map
— you dislike my kins...
— you are into ddlg/mdlb
— you have anything against my friends
— you are part of ‘cringe/cancel’ culture
— you have ‘yellow fever’ or anything that fetishises a group of people

even your emotions have an echo in so much space . . .

four : kin list & ccs

you are okay to follow if you kin any of them! doubles are welcomed. the more of us, the better.

disclaimer : i only kin for fun. i don’t actually kin any of these characters seriously, and all of them are assigned unless stated otherwise

kins :
— arashi narukami (ensemble stars)
— flávio vargas (2p! hetalia)
— ivy (hooky)
— jumin han (mystic messenger)
— kaoru seta (bang dream!)
— rei hino (sailor moon)
— seijūrō akashi (kuroko no basuke)
— tamaki suoh (ouran high school host club)
— testurō kuroo (haikyū!!)
— tōru oikawa (haikyū!!)

comfort characters :
— garnet (steven universe)
— jake peralta (brooklyn nine nine)
— jonathan joestar (jojo’s bizarre adventures)
— jōtarō kūjō (jojo’s bizarre adventures)
— jyushimatsu matsuno (osomatsu-san)
— kagami tsurugi (miraculous ladybug)
mirio tōgata (boku no hero academia)
— mulan (disney)
nejire hadō (boku no hero academia)
— shigeo kageyama (mob psycho 100)
tamaki amajiki (boku no hero academia)

and when you’re out there without care — yeah , i was out of touch

five : fandoms

anime & manga have been excluded from this.. there’s too many to list (feel free to ask!)

disclaimer : i’ve just started getting into / abandoned some of these fandoms please be patient if i’m dumb

series :
— adventure time
— brooklyn nine nine
— chilling adventures of sabrina
— euphoria
— friends
— good omens
— gravity falls
— miraculous ladybug
— steven universe
— stranger things
— supernatural
— the office
— the umbrella academy

books :
— divergent
— harry potter
— it
— percy jackson
— the great gatsby
— the hunger games
— the maze runner

games :
— doki doki literature club
— five nights at freddy’s
— love live school idol project!
— minecraft
— mystic messenger
— pokémon
— undertale

miscellaneous :
— creepypasta
— disney & pixar
— homestuck
— hooky
— kpop
— marvel cinematic universe
— vocaloid
— youtube

but it wasn’t because i didn’t know enough ; i just knew too much

six : friends

alisha : my yang. my sun. my soulmate. my best friend. she is so wonderful, in every single way. even when she’s carrying so much on her shoulders, she manages to still bring a smile to everyone’s faces. we have been through almost everything together and we’ve made it out alive. there is nobody else in the world who could ever replace her.

cati : an adorable princess... an angel.... so sweet, so loveable, i love her so much!! she’s the most unproblematic person around, she’d never hurt anyone (except me). we’re great buddies and i hold onto a lot of memories i have with her! she’s a charming lady who people easily draw towards.. she can make you forget about your problems without even trying.

chandler : he is such a pure baby with a mind that expands towards the horizon, not only is he such an inspirational role model to everyone around him but he is also an incredible person! i am always excited when i get messages from him, the effect never wears off. he’s hilarious and scarily talented! you’ll regret crossing paths with him when he’s famous.

max : whether you’re looking to cause trouble or just lay back and relax, max is there for the entire journey. he’s a chill guy and shows his love by calling people dipshits and beating you up, (scary guy) he can and will destroy your house and kick you to antarctica if you hurt his friends. voted most likely to take over the world!

. . . does that make me crazy ?

seven : alisha

alisha and i made a deal that we’d add a page on our carrds for each other because i’m ugly and single so i can’t make one for a significant other.

i only really have this page for the aesthetics but yeah alisha’s pretty cool you already know her from the last page, i’ll fill this one out when i’m feeling more emo